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The Coxy Bag is a Beautiful and Sensual Woman. She embraces her Body. She looks at the world through her long-limbed cat eyes. She is Confident and Charismatic. She owns her Power and her Destiny. She loves Unconditionally. It’s the Extension of a woman’s Being. 
Every time you purchase a Coxy Bag, part of the proceeds are donated to benefit women diagnosed with cancer, helping them to re-conquer their lives, their power and their beauty, during and after their illness. This is the cause I support to honor my mother who gave me life and inspired me to follow my dreams. 
The Coxy Bag comes in three different sizes and in different color combinations. It is 100% handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans using the highest quality materials, sustaining the sophistication of Italian manufacturing traditions.  Watch this video on the making of a Coxy Bag.